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  • “We really noticed a difference in our home after getting the insulation installed - especially in the Winter. Mornings weren’t nearly as cold, we fell asleep faster, and we weren’t walking on cold floors anymore. We noticed a big difference in heating costs too - way less in our gas bill this year.”

    Kim F., Plymouth

  • “Storm Group Insulation was a pleasure to work with. We got an informative consultation customized to our home, a great quote, and installation by a professional crew that knew their craft and worked quickly and cleanly.”

    John T., Minneapolis

  • “I’m glad we got the energy audit - without it, we’d never have known how much energy - and money - we were wasting.”

    Angela T., Maple Grove

  • Why insulate my home?

    1) Energy Inefficiency = Expensive.
    Your home shelters you from the worst of the elements, but if cold air is leaking through any area in the home,
    like areas around windows, doors, or even in your attic and roof), it can make your house colder, and less energy efficient.
    A poorly insulated home allows that cold air in, and causes your thermostat to turn the furnace on much more than it needs to.
    The more your furnace turns on, the more money it costs you, day after day, year after year. The same concept applies in the air conditioning months, where poor insulation makes the house warmer, which triggers the AC to turn on.
    And, a poorly insulated home also lets warm air out. Attic insulation is the most common job we do, because warm air rises, and if there’s little or no insulation in your ceilings, attic, and roof, then that warm air that you paid good money to heat escapes through the roof’s cracks and crevices.

    2) Be comfortable inside your home. If you’ve got drafty areas around your house, and feel the need to bundle up in your own home, then you know there’s energy leaking out and cold air coming in.
    Why suffer through another season with discomfort?
    Keep your family and pets comfortable all year round by making sure your home is well insulated.

    3) Keep room temperatures regulated.
    If you have some rooms in your house that are colder or warmer than others, then that’s a sign of poor insulation that is allowing cold or heat into the house unnecessarily, which affects comfort as well as fuel expenses.
    Whether you’re an energy saver concerned about global resources, want to keep a tight lid on monthly expenses, or just want to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, hiring a trusted home insulation company like Storm Group Insulation to perform an energy audit and/or install insulation is a wise investment that can easily pay for itself in just a short time.

  • How does the Energy Audit and Blower Door Test Kit work?

    We perform energy efficiency audits with our Blower Door inspection process that is incredibly accurate. This test contains a scientific gauge that measures areas of air leakage, negative pressure, poor temperature regulation, and much more.

    Our blower door diagnostic tool determines how much air your home leaks out per hour. Leaked air means that your home needs to be re-heated or re-cooled, which increases your energy bills.

    In fact, the State of Minnesota passed new energy efficiency codes in 2015 that now require blower door testing for all new home construction builds and for major remodeling jobs. It’s that effective in measuring homes’ energy efficiency, and now we can perform those tests in your home.

    As a Minneapolis Blower Door testing company, we took part in rigorous training by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and like all of our services, aim to be the most precise and professional in delivering long-term performance of your home exterior, which allows you to enjoy your home to its fullest, and save you as much money as possible.

  • How do I get started?

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